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Lost in Translation: Tactics for Overcoming Language Hurdles

  • Exhibitor Presentation
  • 06. March
  • 13:55 - 14:25 PM (CET)
  • Linus + Bill
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Learn best practices to navigate the evolving landscape of content creation and translation. As the demand for content grows, the challenge of catering to global markets intensifies. Explore pragmatic applications of AI and automated workflows to effortlessly scale your localization efforts. Dive into strategies that cut through the complexity, providing you with actionable takeaways to meet the escalating demands of a global audience. Step into a future where your content creation and translation seamlessly adapt to diverse markets, enhancing your efficiency and unlocking a higher ROI.


 Miklós Urban

Miklós Urban

  • Phrase

Miklós has been in the localization industry for over 20 years. Currently he works at Phrase as an Enterprise Solutions Architect and responsible for the designing and implementing automated, continuous, and agile localization  localization programs for some of the most prestigious global brands.