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NORDIC TechKomm Stockholm 2023: Next generation

We were happy to had this year's NORDIC TechKomm in the Royal Palace again, nicely situated within the iconic Haga National City Park in Stockholm. The Royal Park Hotel, a well-known event location and coworking space, was perfect for meeting each other and enjoying lunch and our networking dinner. Several presentations on topics such as VR, UX, terminology, AI, intelligent content, and digital product communication were presented by international speakers.

March 23 2023 Text by Monika Vortisch

First Day: Expert Presentations, Panel Discussion, Meetup and Networking Dinner

The presentations and workshops covered and discussed subjects around sustainable product use, using VR, digital product communication and intelligent information. Nolwenn Kerzreho, for example, spoke about “How to reduce E-waste and make your boss happy” and showed how 5900 trees every month could be saved by reduction. Gabriela Fleischer’s “Green Deal – Technical communication is important for sustainable product use” was another presentation on the most important and top current topics such as sustainability. Klaus Fleischmann and Sebastian Gabler held an enjoyable presentation as a dialogue to show “Terminology is for humans. Make it available for the machines”. Fabrice Lacroix gave his audience deep insights into how to end the chaos in documentation on the web. Highly interesting and well attended: the lecture “TC in the medical device industry” by Sashi Kumar. At the end of the first day, Nolwenn Kerzreho held a meetup with new and prospective technical communicators. She talked with them about the new technologies rising and how technical writers are expected to have skills and reskill for these technologies. At the end of the presentations, everyone participated in a panel discussion. The networking dinner was a great way to end the first day of the conference. Over good food in a pleasant atmosphere, attendees, speakers, and sponsors had the chance to network with new contacts and have interesting conversations

Second Day: Enjoying Workshops and Presentations

The second conference day started with two workshops: Alina Terekhova explained “New ways to deliver technical content to users”. Ferry Vermeulen asked “Can you publish your machinery instructions online?” After sponsored presentations on “Proof-reading in the corporate world” by Lawson Stapleton or “Collaboration x 3” from Rik Page, everyone enjoyed the lunch break, during which the attendees were able to exchange new ideas and get some fresh air. Afterwards, the attendees enjoyed the presentation “Using undiscovered treasures”, where Karsten Schrempp addressed the question of how product-related documents can be delivered automatically. Roy Wijnen talked about the interesting topic “Clarity and consistency in technical communication”. After a coffee break, the last wave of presentations began. Paula Stern presented “Lessons of a documentation project gone wrong”, and the two speakers Mikael Lundahl and Klaus Fleischmann gave insights into “The symbiosis of Terminology and AI”. Hinde Lamrani and Oliver Friese closed the sessions with the topics “How to make your technical content accessible and visible online” and “UX-driven improvement of installation instructions”.

The conference offered not only the chance to gain new knowledge on current topics but also the opportunity to make new contacts and maintain existing ones in person. The attendees, speakers, and sponsors, as well as all of us from the tekom office, were happy to organize and attend the on-site conference. It was thrilling – see you at the next NORDIC TechKomm in Copenhagen, September 21–22, 2023!