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Share a case study, a lecture, a workshop, or an inspiring thing you have encountered in the field of technical communication and software documentation!

The Call for Papers Is Open

The call for papers for NORDIC TechKomm is now open! The conference will take place at the Scandic Victoria Tower in Stockholm, March 6 till 7. This is your chance to tell your story, share experiences or present your ideas on the main conference topic, "Possibilities and Pitfalls of the Machinery Regulation​​​​​​​".

The call for papers is running until December 20, 2023.

We are looking forward to receiving interesting proposals!

Our goal is to support the personal, interpersonal and professional development of professionals who are involved in technical communication.

We are thinking of the below topics, but we are also opening up for other topics and subjects that are interesting for technical writers. If you have something to say, then speak up!


A Changing Landscape for Technical Documentation: Possibilities and Pitfalls of the Machinery Regulation

The conference focuses on what happens when directives become regulations – do they go hand in hand, or will they be in conflict with each other? Another question to be discussed is how sustainability changed or is changing the way we work. We are also interested in hearing about how AI is used in your company – share your experiences: does AI support you in your work, or is it more of an obstacle? 
If you have experience with any of these topics, we would be happy to receive your submission, either in the form of a presentation or a workshop.

We would take particular interest in examples of video instructions as well as traditional ones – show us your solution to any recent problems you have faced in your work.

Here are some topic examples. We do, however, welcome other suggestions as well:

  • Machine regulations
  • Sustainability
  • User experience (UX)
  • Changes in the way we work
  • AI: help or hindrance?


Presentation Formats

You can choose between these formats:

  • Presentation, 40 min (conveys information, lecture with subsequent discussion)
  • Partner presentation, 40 min (conveys information, presentation of a case study or real practice. Manufacturers and service providers: The starting point is the situation at the manufacturer's site)
  • Tutorial, 60 min (for learning purposes, practical demonstration of an application or method)
  • Workshop, 90 min (for learning purposes, interactive group work with participants, strong practical relevance)
  • Meetup, 30 min (serves the exchange and networking between the participants in small groups, moderated discussion between the participants)

Target Audience

NORDIC TechKomm 2024 is targeted at professionals in the field of user experience who are eager to learn and share their knowledge about the latest industry trends. We expect international participants from a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds ranging from technical writers, UX writers, information designers, and technical communication managers to content architects and many more.

How to submit your proposal

Please submit your proposal (including your presentation title, abstract and bio) by registering and logging in with the "my conference tool" on the tekom WebPortal. You can find all the information on how to submit your proposal on this page.

Evaluation of the Papers Submitted

Papers will be selected exclusively by the advisory board, consisting of local and international experts in the field of technical communication, for an audience of professionals with extensive experience and technical backgrounds.

How do you become a speaker?

Of course we won't leave you stranded – especially if you are planning to become a speaker for the first time. There are questions that we would be happy to clarify with you and uncertainties that we will gladly clear up for you. You can find more information on how to become a speaker here.