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AI in technical communication: use cases, legal aspects and the future of our profession

  • Presentation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Technical Communication
  • 06. March
  • 16:10 - 16:55 PM (CET)
  • Linus + Bill
  • finished
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  •  Ulrike Parson

    Ulrike Parson

    • parson AG


AI applications such as ChatGPT are disrupting text and image generation and will also change the world of technical communication. The presentation will provide an overview of current developments in AI and a number of use cases for AI in technical communication: from generating and reviewing text and images, to rewriting text, providing chatbots for technical documentation content, and instant translation. The use cases will be illustrated with examples and features from a range of component content management systems, content delivery platforms, and other solutions. We will look at the regulations of the future European AI Act and the consequences of the AI revolution for our jobs as technical communicators.


  • How to use AI in technical communication?
  • Which systems already provide AI functionality?
  • Which legal aspects do we need to consid?
  • Will technical writers become obsolete?


 Ulrike Parson

Ulrike Parson

  • parson AG

Ulrike Parson is the founder and CEO of parson AG. The Hamburg-based company provides technical communication and information architecture services as well as system consulting. Ulrike’s areas of expertise are content strategy and intelligent content. Ulrike is an acting member of the iiRDS Steering Committee.